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This wiki contains information about the arcade games Dino Duel and its sequel Dino Duel: Masters. This will be one of the main source of information since the main site is down permanently.

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About Dino DuelEdit

Dino Duel is an arcade game released in 2005. It's available in many arcades and game centers in Southeast Asia and Australia.

The game is popular enough to receive a sequel called Dino Duel: Masters, released a few years later. The sequel came with a new story set several years after the first Dino Duel, the Master Card system, and new dinosaurs cards that replaced older ones.

By late 2013, Dino Duel and its sequel's popularity begin to fade, and the website, which contains almost all of information about the game, closes permanently. This wikia now serves as a guide, mainly about the games' characters and plots, since the games nowadays are almost gone and are rather rare to be found.

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